Pumped up kicks.

New Balance 620. Currently on sale!

New Balance 620. Currently on sale!

Apparently, I can only wear sneakers at the moment. Something happened to my foot on Monday, and it now hurts to wear flats, heels, oxfords, boots and even Dansko clogs. That's right-- even the ultimate work shoe aggravates my foot. So... running shoes it is!

Anyway, I've been scouring Pinterest, fashion blogs and magazines, trying to find the best way to wear sport shoes not-for-exercise, and here's what I came up with this week:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Lessons learned:

  • Keep it simple! Colored sneakers are already "splashy" enough, so pairing a printed sweater with them (ex: in Day 1) is too much.
  • Keeping my pants long by rolling in the extra material in (as opposed to rolling out and making a cuff like I did in Day 1) make my legs appear longer.

Things to try in the future:

  • Monochromatic looks (all black or all light)
  • Pairings with pencil skirts!

Thanks for following along! And to all those on the East Coast: snow is finally here! Stay warm!

- Winnie.