Box-Spring Garden

Philadelphia is known for its row-houses, built on thin lots, that keep us all living very close together. And when you are like me, coming from a large rancher style home in New Jersey to the row-houses of Philadelphia, you have to get used to the word “narrow.” We have narrow living rooms that lead into narrow kitchens, which lead out to narrow backyards.  The worst are the staircases. For six years I've struggled with fitting any and all types of furniture up the stairs. 

And so, on a beautiful spring day in May, my nemesis became a box-spring...  It would not fix up the stairs and was left to rot in our backyard until I could borrow a saw, cut it up, and trash it.  After some procrastination, a few weeks later with a knife in hand, I began to cut off all the fabric…And, to my surprise,  I liked what I saw!

I immediately went to one of my favorite local spots: Greensgrow Farms.  (You can find more information at their website:  as well as on Facebook and Instagram) They just won Best of Philly's 2015 City Nursery Award.

I bought seven "Creeping Jenny Goldilocks" and three "Double Wave Purple Petunias" in addition to a "Purple Passion Flower Vine."

And here is the final product!

I love it! It's perfect for a small "narrow" concrete backyard in Philadelphia. Doesn't take up a lot of space and looks beautiful!

I plan on going back to Greensgrow Farms to buy a few more plants to fill in some empty space.

This is my favorite plant. The passion flower is beautiful This next picture is the passion flower on display at Greensgrow Farms. I definitely have a lot to look forward to with this perennial vine!

So next time a piece of furniture won't fit up your staircase, consider repurposing it!  And If you are looking for some greenery for your front or back yard, definitely check out Greensgrow Farms!