Hello World.

We’re happy you’re here.

We all moved to Philadelphia in June 2009, into a classic rowhome with a green mailbox: Winnie from San Francisco, Carolena from Chicago, and Amanda from the Jersey Shore. Our home with the green mailbox is where we fell in love with the city, developed our fashion style and acquired a taste for a good drink. We became fast friends and built some great memories during our years living together and decided to start this blog as a way to continue our stories and adventures beyond the green mailbox.

Our first picture at the soon to be green mailbox in 2009. We thought the black was boring and painted the mailbox bright lime green. 

Us in 2015, doing a cheesy job at recreating the original picture. We also no longer live there. Totally not creepy.

Fun fact: Amanda, Winnie and Carolena are all public school teachers in the city (this is why we all relocated to Philly actually). But in addition to being cool teachers…

Carolena’s favorite activities include knitting, poolside lounging, and planning her next vacation. As a budding realtor, she loves exploring the best kept secrets Philly neighborhood and sharing them with others. Also, if you ever want to discuss the latest episode of the “Bachelorette”, or “RHOOC”, she’s your gal.

Amanda is a new homeowner with a love of the kitchen. She is looking forward to planning her wedding in the upcoming months. And she truly enjoys watching Seinfeld reruns, day drinking, and a good math joke. 

Winnie is a city wanderer, junk food enthusiast and science nerd. Some of her favorite things include wine, oxfords and cardigans with elbow patches.

 Come back often to see our picks for city hangouts, projects, looks, and of course drinks.