Apple Galette

My facebook feed these days are full of recipe videos and I'm not complaining! These videos give me ideas for dinners and desserts and they're usually very easy to make. I followed Tip Hero's video recipe for an apple galette and had mixed results. First the dough that I purchased (which happened to be gluten free) was not easy to work with because it crumbled easily when handling it. Secondly, I added too much sugar and butter and the galette over flowed  and the sugar burned on the pan.

I do want to stress that despite these two challenges, the flavor of the apple galette was GREAT!  So if you're looking for an easy fall dessert you can see the video and recipe here.


I suggest you use refrigerated circle pie crust like the recipe calls for. You won't have to roll it out like I did. 

After rolling out the dough, I added the apple mix and folded up the edges. Here you can see that the dough was crumbly and that resulted in rough edges. 

Yum! Despite the sugar and butter overflowing the galette and burning on the pan, it was delicious. Tip: Serve with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt and enjoy!

<3 Carolena