Fun links.

I often end class 5 minutes too early, which terrifies me to no end, as the last thing I ever want is to give my ninth grade students idle time. I've tried telling riddles and jokes, but I can only get through 2 or 3 sentences before someone begins to scream. Literally. (We're all working on our indoor voices over here in room 222).

So, I've started showing random videos to my students when we have extra time at the end of class. It's the best way to get them engaged in something other than gossip and fighting, and hopefully a bit more interested in science and life beyond their immediate surroundings.

Here are a few of my favorite:

1) The Coolest Nature Video Ever.

2) This is my all-time favorite video: Male Seahorse Giving Birth

3) Giraffe giving birth. The end gets me (and the students!) every time.

4) "Gates of Hell"

5) All of the Google Year-in-Review videos.

If you have any cool videos that you like to watch, leave it in the comments! My students and I would greatly appreciate it.

- Winnie.